How to color by "id"

Hello Grafana Community,

I’m using Grafana version 10.2, and I have an XY chart that displays data points with two columns: “id” and “grades.”
My goal is to assign a unique color to each data point based on its “id,” regardless of the “grades.” However, I couldn’t find a direct way to do this in my Grafana version.

Has anyone encountered a similar challenge or knows of a solution, workaround, or plugin that can help me assign colors based on the “id” field in my XY chart?
Any insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


You can use an override:


thanks for the reply.
when i trying it somehow it refers to “grades” and doesn’t even change the color

Even when i change it the Single color chages all points to the same color.

you want one unique color for each unique id?

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