How to build the panels at “status panel” plugin with API datasource

im using infinity as datasource.
im tring to create status panel that will be check if one of the host is up/down and change the status accordenly.
my question is how to set it up ?

Hi @djta1976,

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We have this demo panel which is configured to use the JSON Infinity plugin as DataSource.

Though it is a Table Panel, but the way we use it to identify the status is by using Value Mapping.

As the data is in JSON format, we define the particular value mapping on the particular field by using the Override → Select field → Add Value Mapping and then define based on the value and also set a colour.

You can do the same in the Stat panel. I would encourage you to explore the above panel and see its setting in edit mode to understand it better and you can even change it to Stat panel (don’t worry as the changes will not be saved as its in read-only mode :slight_smile: )

I hope this helps.

Could you please a sample json data and point out which data points in the json you need to visualize?

Not sure i understand the question yos

Please provide us a sample of the json you want to visualize in grafana