How to build table with calculated fields with grafana and prometheus?

I have Grafana, Prometheus, and node_exporter data.

I want to build a table like this:
vm-name | LA1 %
vm1 | 10%
vm2 | 20%

I’ve tried to do this with table visualization and query:

node_load1{app=~“my-app”}) / count(node_cpu_seconds_total{app=~“my-app”,mode=“idle”}
But it doesn’t work.

How can I get the table that I want? Maybe I shouldn’t use table visualization?

avg(node_load5{app=~“my-app”,job=~“node-exporter”}) by (instance) / count(count(node_cpu_seconds_total{app=~“my-app”,job=~“node-exporter”}) by (cpu,instance)) by (instance) * 100