How to avoid that energy units like kWh are automatically convertet into MWh if the number is greater than 1000 kWh?

I am displaying single values in a dashboard, where I have defined the unit as “kWh”. Now if the value is e.g. 1234.56 kWh, the dasbooard shows the value 1.2345 MWh. How can I avoid the change of the unit from kWh to MWh so that the original value is being shown?
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This is a fairly common question. Here are some older threads with advice and suggestions:

in short, you can preserve the original form using misc / none but you will sacrifice the displayed unit feature :frowning:

Since I want to display the unit as “kWh” I cannot use none/misc, but I found a workaround : I checked the Unicode table for an invisible character, and copied this in the beginning of a none/misc unit. :slight_smile:

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