How to add text fields from query to notification?

Hello Community

I updated from Grafana 6 to Grafana 9 and alert notification emails became non-informative. I have influxdb as data source with series like:

_measurement _field _value _time customer department host path

DiskUsage percent 66 2023-05-18T09:00:10.000Z Customer1 department2 /
DiskUsage percent 66 2023-05-18T09:10:10.000Z Customer2 department2 /usr/user/log
DiskUsage percent 0 2023-05-18T09:10:10.000Z Customer2 department1 /var/user

SELECT max(“percent”) FROM “DiskUsage” WHERE (“department” = ‘department2’ AND “percent” > 70 ) AND time >= now() - 24h and time <= now() GROUP BY time(1m), “customer”, “department”, “host”, “path”

Classic Condition
WHEN last() OF A IS ABOVE 94

I expect that notification should have enough information about incident so I dont have to open Grafana panel. I cant find a way to add value of customer, host and path of every Firing to notification e-mail.

Can anyone help with this? Thanks.