How can I dynamically pass value from my alert condition/Query condition to my notification?

I am using Grafana v8.3.4 with influxDB & I want to pass dynamic value to my notification for the query/alert condition. I couldn’t find any documentation for this. Can anyone suggest?

I am using above condition to check temperature on a sensor & I want to get last() value in graph and the threshold which I have set as 10.

@akshay147 can you share a screenshot of the alert you’ve tried to create? This sounds like it could be configured with a classic condition.

The docs you’re looking for about created managed alerts are here

@melori.arellano Below is the screenshot of alert I am using

This is the current notification format

In notification under labels I want to pass my last() value and the threshold value (last() value is the recent value from influxDB & threshold value is 10 as per screenshot)dynamically. I read the documentation but still couldn’t figure out a way to achieve this.