Using Elasticsearch fields in alert notitification message

I’m using grafana 7.0.3. I want to detect if there are errors in Elasticsearch log, and include fields from Elasticsearch error documents to the alert notification message.

I’ve tried different syntaxes, like $status, {{status}} [[status]], but none worked, they are not substituted in the email message.

How can I add these fields correctly?

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@borisova I’m not sure if this feature existed in 7.0.3. The first mention of adding label data to alert notification templates appeared in our docs in 7.2:

Hey @melori.arellano.
I’m using Grafana v8.5.2.
I’m trying to create log based alert from elasticsearch datasource in Grafana. My type of data:

    message: "client was evicted",
    hostname: "node0001"

I use the following simple query: message: "client was evicted" (A), Metric type count by @timestamp. My expression is if A count is above (0.5).

Trying to add the hostname to the alert notification / tag but sadly I can’t do it. I tried to add {{ $values.A.hostname }} to Summary & to labels but it doesn’t work.

I would appreciate your help.

Any solution on how to add fields (or metrics from query) from Elasticsearch data source to Grafana alert message?

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Also looking for a solution.

My goal is to enrich the Alert Message with additional data from elasticsearch datasource, which is NOT part of the alert condition.

My approach would be to use a custom label with an elastic query behind. Hence a dynamic label is born.

Unfortunately this won’t work :frowning:

Any hints?