Alias Elasticsearch are missing in notification alert

I’m migrated alerting from Grafana Legacy to new Grafana alertmanger.

A lot of data in Grafana I have from Elasticsearch DataSource. When I create a query for Elasticsearch, I also set up an alias for how it should be displayed on the chart.
Previously(in Grafana Legacy alerting), this name(this alias), in the event of an alarm, was also displayed in the alarm notification, either in Webhook or in e-mail.

After I migrate to Grafana Alert Manager it looks as if this field was not sent anywhere.
I cannot find this field in webhook, or email notifications.
Do you have any solution for this? Is this a bug?

I found a similar topic on github, but I didn’t find any information on how to solve it.

Have you any solutions for this?

In Grafana Alertmanager, the alias set for Elasticsearch queries is not automatically included in alert notifications like it was in Grafana Legacy alerting. This behavior is not a bug but a design difference. To include the alias in alert notifications, you may need to customize the alerting configuration or template to explicitly include it. This might involve modifying the alert rule definitions or creating custom notification templates. Alternatively, you can explore community forums or GitHub discussions for potential workarounds or solutions from other users who have encountered similar issues.