HOW:Store data from api(Archiving)

Hello all,
i have little question, how to store data that i pulled from api with infinity?
My goal is to see before one or two days, what are the measurements.

Hi @divanovataro,

My understanding of the infinity plugin is that it is essentially stateless. It hits an endpoint, like a JSON endpoint, pulls in the data and visualizes it. Moving data from an endpoint => grafana => database feels like a bit of an antipattern.

That said, if you can query the data, then you can save it using the inspect feature. Click a panel title and choose inspect => data => download CSV.

Does that help?

If not, please provide more specifics about the data that you are retreiving, like where it comes from and if you personally control it, and then we can try and figure a way to put it into a database first, and then you can query that instead :+1:

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