How manage checks for Synthetic Monitoring via API?

How manage checks for Synthetic Monitoring via API?

Is way how manage checks not just dashboards?


Could you explain more what you want to achieve ?

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Sure, I’m using infrastructure as code. For grafana I’m using GitHub - grafana/grafonnet-lib: Jsonnet library for generating Grafana dashboard files. to have repository with all dashboards and settings.
I can’t migrate my list of checks into grafana cloud using API. I didn’t find API for plugin that help me with provision checks. I did in past on projects using pingdom or thousend eyes.

You could come help me with Grizzly (grafana/grizzly on Github), which has SM support. It is very much experimental alpha code, but it can talk to the api, does support jsonnet, and has an associated jsonnet lib.

sure, I will look into. I get link to API client GitHub - grafana/synthetic-monitoring-api-go-client: Go client for Synthetic Monitoring API that contain documentation and I think that I write some JS client for that. I start make public documentation Grafana Synthetic Monitoring API · Apiary but don’t have more time yet.