How do I reset admin password

Hi, all experts.

I want to reset admin password at grafana.
So, the following command was executed,

grafana-cli --homepath "/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana" admin reset-admin-password "admin"

, and the results were returned.

INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Starting Grafana                         logger=settings version= commit= branch= compiled=1970-01-01T09:00:00+09:00
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Config loaded from                       logger=settings file=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/conf/defaults.ini
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Path Home                                logger=settings path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Path Data                                logger=settings path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/data
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Path Logs                                logger=settings path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/data/log
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Path Plugins                             logger=settings path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/data/plugins
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Path Provisioning                        logger=settings path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/conf/provisioning
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] App mode production                      logger=settings
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Connecting to DB                         logger=sqlstore dbtype=sqlite3
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Starting DB migrations                   logger=migrator
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] migrations completed                     logger=migrator performed=0 skipped=452 duration=526.375µs
INFO [11-28|18:40:33] Envelope encryption state                logger=secrets enabled=true current provider=secretKey.v1
WARN [11-28|18:40:33] Skipping finding plugins as directory does not exist logger=plugin.finder path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/plugins-bundled
WARN [11-28|18:40:33] Skipping finding plugins as directory does not exist logger=plugin.finder path=/usr/local/opt/grafana/share/grafana/data/plugins

Admin password changed successfully ✔

I thought the password was set to admin so , I tried to access http://localhost:3000 with browser but could not.

How do I reset the admin password?
Would you give me some advices, please.


  • Mac OS Monterey (12.4, M1)
  • The version of grafana is 9.2.6. (installed by homebrew)

Hi @daisukemiura,

Welcome to the :grafana: community support forums !!

As per documentation, it says:

Just double-check it again for any missing parameters.

Now, the 2nd observation I noticed that there are no errors from Grafana CLI so the error might be in another place.

It could be for e…g

1- The browser might have old login credentials saved and for that clean the cache and cookies
2- Using some browser password autofill extensions/plugins which need to be updated.
3- Might be behind a LoadBalaner which might have some cached which needs to be restarted to get clean.

Lastly, if everything fails, then you can try to reset the password inside the Database directly using this link.

(NOTE: make sure to take a backup of it before making any manual changes)