Grafana Username password invalid

I am using grafana version 9.1.3 on my local machine for learning purposes, I didn’t open grafana since a week. Now when i am opening grafana it’s asking for login password, i did not change credentials but when i am entering the default admin, admin it is showing invalid. I am trying to reset passowrd through mail. but i think i didnt link my mail so not getting any link to reset. is there any way where i can get my all previously created dashboards back and can login in old account?

Hi @garimachouhan,
If you are using Grafana OSS or Grafana Enterprise you can run reset admin password via CLI.

grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password <new password>

If you are using Grafana in Cloud you should send a ticket to Grafana team.

If you are not Grafana Administrator then you should as your admin to reset password for your account:

If you have not lost the admin password, we recommend that you change the user password either in the User Preferences or in the Server Admin > User tab.

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