Login & password problem

Hi Guy´s

Was introduced to a problem today

Grafana ver 7.01 was running on my local machine no restart or anything - when i came back the day after it says “invalid password” on right side of screen ???

Attempted to login again, but login/password doesent work anymore, in fact none of the 3 login & pass i have on this machine for grafana works???, doesent work with resetting password via e-mail either, no mail arrives

What to do? -anyone?


Ps note: used the :grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password syntax
CLI returns that the database is read only

Problem Solved : CLOSED

For some reason the database was locked in the filesystem
solution: Stop Grafana Server, unlock grafana.db, CLI password reset
(grafana-cli admin reset-admin-password newPassWord)
Should return something like: Admin password changed successfully e[32m✔e[0m

Restart server


/ Anders