How do I rename a panel?

I think my Grafana 8.4.3 install is missing some of the tabs when editing a panel. Instead of looking like here, I only have Query, Transform and Alert, so no General tab, see screenshot. I checked, and my account is marked as admin.

This used to work before, but I might be missing something.

PS: apparently I can’t paste images from Firefox.

Failed to upload image.png AwsS3/Multipart: Could not read the ETag header. This likely means CORS is not configured correctly on the S3 Bucket.

Hi @lnicola
To verify, can you see the options on the right hand side?

If you can’t, try pressing the “<” next to time series to pop this menu out

Wow, I looked all over that pane but didn’t notice the “Panel options / Title” field :person_facepalming:. Thanks!

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