How do I convert influx(1.7 Version) rows to columns without using pivot?


I’m trying to create a table visualization in which I have several rows data, I want the rows data into columns by some specific columns. Please help me on how to proceed further.
Current Table

**Colum1	Column2     Column3**
text1        Ping                         1
text2        Curl                         2
text3	HeapUsage             1
text4	UpDays                1
text1       HeapUsage         3
text2	Updays                4
text3	Curl                  3
text4	Ping                  2

Example Expected Table

column1     ping     curl   heapusage                  updays
text1         1          1        2                     3
text2         2          3        4                     1

there are some transformations that might be useful for you to pivot this data. Specifically, check out the Rows to Fields transformation: