How do I change the base CSS for panel plugins?

“I have created a new panel plugin and now I want to modify the padding style of this parent container. How should I make this modification? Should I edit the contents in _variables.generated.scss ? And how do I compile it? I installed Grafana using grafana_10.0.0_amd64.deb . As shown in the image, I want to change this padding to 0. How can I do that? Thank you.”

You have to change it in the codebase. What are you trying to accomplish might be easier ways to do things

Hello, could you please tell me what the simpler way is? I’ve been troubled by this 8px margin in the parent component for a long time, making my layout less harmonious.

Simpler would be using dynamic text plugin where you can use your own css

How exactly do I make the change? Is there a documentation for this? What I need to change is the padding of the parent container where my panel is located, not the padding of the panel I build myself. The padding shown in the image is built into Grafana, and I can only change the CSS of my own HTML components, not the CSS of the parent container.