How can we correctly configure Loki helm values file when using IRSA to access s3 bucket?

We are deploying Loki using helm in our EKS cluster and in the values file (i.e. loki/values.yaml at main · grafana/loki · GitHub), there is a section where we should insert AWS access and secret keys. What would these two values be if we want to use AWS IRSA IAM roles for service accounts? We left them as null and loki is throwing WebIdentityErr: failed to retrieve credentials error. The section I am referring is:

      chunks: BUCKET
      ruler: BUCKET
      admin: BUCKET
    type: s3
      s3: s3://REGION/BUCKET
      region: REGION 
      secretAccessKey: null
      accessKeyId: null
      s3ForcePathStyle: false
      insecure: false
      http_config: {}

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This issue is solved. Now IRSA for loki-scalable is working for me and everything is documented here: Loki not writing anything to AWS S3 and no failure logs · Issue #8152 · grafana/loki · GitHub

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