Grafana + Loki-Distributed + Promtail on EKS

I would like to ask if someone would be able to show a working config (helm values) for loki-distributed for s3 storage?

I’ve been struggling with the configuration for a long time and I can’t get the logs to end up in the S3 bucket.

The configuration of access to S3 seems to be correct (SA + IAM is used), because after installation in the bucket I will see the ‘index/’ directory, but it only contains the detele_requests subdirectory and the file: loki_cluster_seed.json

I would like to make sure I understand correctly: if the logs are loaded correctly into S3 and then I remove Loki-distributed and install it again using the same configuration, will I have access to these logs stored in s3?

Current config below (essential parts):

  - from: "2020-09-07"
    store: boltdb-shipper
    object_store: s3
    schema: v11
      prefix: loki_index_
      period: 24h

    s3: s3://eu-central-1
    region: eu-central-1
    bucketnames: BUCKET_NAME
    s3forcepathstyle: false

  active_index_directory: /var/loki/index
  shared_store: s3
  cache_location: /var/loki/boltdb-cache
  resync_interval: 5s
  cache_ttl: 24h

  working_directory: /var/loki/boltdb-shipper-compactor
  shared_store: s3
  retention_enabled: true