How can I update the alert frequency for all alerts?

We have nearly 70 alerts for our system, many of which are checking 3-4 different series of metrics (we expect this to grow quite substantially in the near future to 200+ alerts). Currently, we have most of our alerts set to a 60s interval. However, we’d like to test the load of our metric system by setting all alerts to a different value.

I’ve tried the following: UPDATE grafana.alert SET frequency=300;
This does set the frequency column appropriately, but doesn’t do anything for the alert that I can see. When I look at the data for a dashboard, I see that the frequency is included as part of the static config for each dashboard:

"name":"{alerts} | Host Memory"

So I have two questions:

  • Can I change the frequency of alerts on a global level?
  • If that’s not the intent of the frequency field on the alert table, what is?


Slight bump on this, could someone provide any guidance?