How can I set the frequency of evaluation in the new alert provisioning API on Grafana 9.1.6?

Hi, I’d like to set the alert evaluation frequency (evaluate time) using the new alert provisioning API.
But I wasn’t able to figure out how to set it. We’re currently using the legacy alert system in our other project. That system supports “frequency” with API. However, the new one does not. At least I couldn’t find it yet. Could you guys help me with that problem?

Note: I already checked the API document. Alerting Provisioning HTTP API | Grafana documentation

As a result, how can I change “Evaluate Every 1m” part of the new alerting system with API?

You have provisioned alert rule, so edit file, which was used for provisioning - set interval, which will fit your need and then do a hot reload using the Admin API.

Hi, Jangaraj. I think this is not what I am looking for. I only created an alert with a new alert provisioning API. That’s all. All I need to decrease Evaluate time from 1m to 10s.

In 9.1.6 when I use AlertRuleGroup API It deletes all of the alert rules. After upgrading to 9.2.3. The problem was solved and the interval changed.