Alert on interval metric data

I have an endpoint checker testing a URL every 15min and sending that data to InfluxDB. The metric is simply the value of the http_response_code (e.g. 404, 200). Grafana is used to visualize and alert on the metrics. The problem I am running into is alerting only on the actual metric data for the response code. I attempted to configure an alert but it returns with no data due to it not exactly matching the 15min interval. I have tried various iterations of “evaluate every” and “when last of query(A,5m,now)” “is outside of range 200 to 200” yet still can not get it as desired.

What is the best method to configre an alert in Grafana so it only alarms on metric data that has an interval. In this particualr case, when the http_response_code is not equal to 200 and the interval of the data points are every 15min? Thanks.

hey there, @bryantcerca and welcome to the forum.

Are you using the new unified alerting system that shipped (behind a feature toggle) with Grafana 8? Or the legacy alerting system? :+1:

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