How can I install the 4.6 version?

Hello all !

I’m very new on Grafana, and for a project which use currently Grafana 4.6, I have to install on a Debian a Grafana in 4.6.0.

So, I follow the instructions juste there :

but when I try to install the dependencies ( with :

yarn install --pure-lockfile

), I have a lot of errors , for example :

Error running install script for optional dependency: "/root/grafana/src/ Command failed.

–> because the url of the .tar.gz of iltorb that yarn try to download doesn’t exist anymore…

and I have other code errors like : error: ‘class v8::Object’ has no member named ‘ForceSet’

I use npm v10.14.0 and node-gyp -v v3.6.2

My question is : is this a mistake of myself or we can’t install this version anymore ?

Thank you very much !