How can I get the count of people logging into grafana every day?

Could any one please help out how to get the count of people logging every day into grafana.
Am using grafana open source software(version -8.4.1) and it is hosted on linux server,

I don’t have the Enterprise version, so usage insights is out of the question for me.

you could probably pull this info out of the grafana database, which by default is sqlite

also Grafana exposes metrics in a prometheus format at my-grafana-domain/metrics

look for the following:

# HELP grafana_api_login_oauth_total api login oauth counter
# TYPE grafana_api_login_oauth_total counter
grafana_api_login_oauth_total 0
# HELP grafana_api_login_post_total api login post counter
# TYPE grafana_api_login_post_total counter
grafana_api_login_post_total 0
# HELP grafana_api_login_saml_total api login saml counter
# TYPE grafana_api_login_saml_total counter
grafana_api_login_saml_total 0