[Question] How to get the total connection to Grafana?

I would like to make the performance check for Grafana to know how many persons used my Grafana. But I don’t know how to get the total connection to Grafana to make my report. Can I get this report in weekly, monthly or yearly?
Thank you

Hi anhtuanphan87! Unfortunately, this is currently not possible.

I think you can monitor Grafana database (i.e. MySQL or PostgreSQL) and look at user table and last_seen_at attribute. It is a good starting point :wink:

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Thank you all for your reply. The last_seen_at attribute will show the latest time user login to server so I can’t catch up how many times they use Grafana. Luckily, We deployed Grafana in CloudFoundry so I can use Kibana to summary the connection to Grafana (Excluded the heal-check method).