How can I do a heatmap with a non-numeric Y-axis?

When I look at the docs, heatmaps are treated as an extension of histograms. This means that all axes need to be either numeric or time.

Thing is, I have a data set where the best visualization is a heat map which includes a non-numeric Y axis (a series of labels to be sorted alphabetically). The x-axis is still time, and the z-axis is a numeric value. Is there any way to do this? Assigning a number to each label would be disruptive to the visualization, since then readers would be forced to consult a dictionary to know what the graph is about.


Not supported in core Grafana. Maybe someone has implemented another heapmap panel plugin.


Doesn’t look like it. All the other heatmap implementations either lack labels for the rows entirely, or are exclusive to date/time for rows.

Okay. There may be unofficial plugins out there which not is published on


Hi @jberkus. Have you found an alternative plugin or workaround? All other plugins from Grafana Plugins - extend and customize your Grafana | Grafana Labs does not deal with non numeric Y values. Maybe Heatmap plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs does (I cant make it works), but we loose the time series on X axis.