Grafana Heatmaps and Histograms using Dependent Variables on X-Axis!

Hi, everyone!

I’m relatively new to Grafana and using Grafana with an Athena plug-in/data source.

I’m having a lot of trouble creating a heatmap or even a histogram. I’m doing a SELECT with a number and a date column and for whatever reason it’s showing the counts on the x-axis and the dates as numbers (for example, month) on the y-axis.

When I try to do a heatmap it shows a date column and the count both on the y-axis and the other date on the x-axis and I have no idea what it thinks it’s trying to count.

I feel like I have tried to tweak the SQL query to be more or less specific but at the end of the day I can’t even get anything on the correct axis and I see no options for doing so.

Any help on this would be extremely appreciated!