Hosted Grafana vs Local - Cannot Add Data Source on Hosted Grafana

Hello all,

I’ve been struggling with this issue for a couple of days now. I’ve managed to add two Postgres DBs as data sources onto my local Grafana but have had no success at all on the hosted Grafana. I am just getting a 504 Bad Getaway error when trying to add my AWS RDS PostgreSQL DB, however I am struggling to understand why. My guess would be that this is due to some kind of permission issue but I have no idea what I should do to “grant” access to my hosted Grafana to the AWS DB, given I don’t know the IP I should give for the hosted Grafana in the security groups etc.

If anyone has any advice or lead, that would be really appreciated.

Thanks a lot in advance!



Actually this is resolved. I ran into a post mentioning all the IPs used by Hosted Grafana, which can be found here (

For those interested, you need to enter all these manually one-by-one in the relevant Security Group in the AWS/RDS console, adding “…/32” at the end of each one.



Just keep in mind, that these IPs ( are not constant. They can be changed/updated when:

  • some hosts fail and are replaced
  • new servers are added
  • some hosts are upgraded

Thanks Jangaraj!

Any suggestion about the way to make this more stable then?

Is there a different way to give Hosted Grafana the credentials to access my AWS PostgresDB?

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Any updates? solutions?

I’ve tried to allow connections from the list of IPs returned from the API call and I still can’t connect, I get 503 when testing the connection in Grafana. If I change my security group to allow traffic from the web testing the connection works, so, is this API interface reliable?