Getting 504 while trying to configure PostgresSQL data source


I have this issue, getting 504 while trying to configure PostgresSQL data source.

  1. I’m trying to configure this data source by adding Amazon RDS endpoint.
  2. I’ve added my Grafana Iam Role permission to fully access Amazon RDS but still receiving 504.

I’m not sure what is the problem and why I can’t access the Amazon RDS endpoint via Grafana.

Does the port 5432 open in the security group so that your instance can access it?

That was my direction, but I have a problem, the Amazon RDS and the Grafana instance are sitting on a different Amazon accounts, so I’m not sure how to get them communicate together.

It shouldn’t matter as long as you are able to access the RDS from the grafana instance. You would need to open the port to be accessible from your VPC CIDR of the grafana instance.

Right, but the Grafana instance is sitting on private subnet and it’s not accessible directly.