High memory usage when running Grafana in docker

I’m experiencing high memory usage (and high CPU) on AWS EC2 machine running Grafana in docker.
Machine type: m5.xlarge (4 cores, 16 GB RAM)
Grafana version: v6.2.4 (ee01897)
Data sources: InfluxDB multiple data sources (running on a different machine)

What is your configuration? How many dashboards, alert rules, users? Do you use provisioning of dashboards?

Do you use server side png rendering?

Dashboards - 10, planning to add more in the future.
Alert rules - none, I use Chronograf/Kapacitor for alerts.
Users - 10, one admin, all others are viewers.
Provisioning - no, but I have different data sources for different dashboards.
Server Side PNG rendering - IDK, please elaborate?

Maybe provisioning is a problem. Check dashboards version histories. Similar issue:

Thank you for your answer,
However, I don’t use provisioning, I changed the config and re-checked, there are no files under provisioning folder.
Also, I have no disc space problems, only memory. Disc space usage is pretty stable, with some minor changes, as is the size of grafana.db file.
After reboot the memory was stable for about 24 hours, that started rising again, and keeps rising since.
Any ideas?

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Did you find the problem?