High memory usage when running Grafana in docker

I’m experiencing high memory usage (and high CPU) on AWS EC2 machine running Grafana in docker.
Machine type: m5.xlarge (4 cores, 16 GB RAM)
Grafana version: v6.2.4 (ee01897)
Data sources: InfluxDB multiple data sources (running on a different machine)

What is your configuration? How many dashboards, alert rules, users? Do you use provisioning of dashboards?

Do you use server side png rendering?

Dashboards - 10, planning to add more in the future.
Alert rules - none, I use Chronograf/Kapacitor for alerts.
Users - 10, one admin, all others are viewers.
Provisioning - yes, I have different data sources for different dashboards.
Server Side PNG rendering - IDK, please elaborate?

Maybe provisioning is a problem. Check dashboards version histories. Similar issue: