Increase Grafana memory

I am wondering if it is anyway to increase the amount of memory is being used by Grafana in its configurations?

I took a look at this community and couldn’t find any relevant topic. Could someone help please?

Your question is not clear to me, so possibly to others as well.

What are you trying to achieve?


Thanks for answering, I have a machine with 16GB of memory, sometimes Grafana is not as fast as we expect on creating charts, and I am pretty sure it is not data sources latency. I wanted to know if there is a way in config to let or force Grafana to use more memory? some config for the backend of grafana?

Its rendering on your machine, so your pc is the
Problem, not grafana.

Thanks, I tested it on different machines. BTW, I was wondering if there is any option to limit or unlimit the memory usage by Grafana backend (grafana-server)?

Dont see why this should necessary srsly, we’re using multiple instances with around 80-90 users
actively using Grafana and its consuming 0.5% memory on a host with 8GB .

From my observations it’s using what it can get if you start rendering *.png files, but its also fine
if you limit the vm/container it just takes longer.


Thanks again mattes, I asked the question out of curiosity. So I think there is no way to delimit or free the memory usage of grafana back-end. I’ll close this topic.