Hierarchy in Grafana table

I am new to grafana. Is hierarchy or drilldown is there in grafana.

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@asuryasudheer cna you please expand here? Can you include screenshots? What are you trying to achieve? There is a filter feature for table columns that you can use to drill down on specific rows…

We tried in Grafana normal level. Is it possible in Enterprise level as it is having reporting.
Drilldown means it will open another window. I want as shown below in the same window
Please find the below image

When you click on Image1 as shown above
It will expand as shown below in image2
If you further click city as in image2
It will display the data as in image 3 as shown below

Ok, @asuryasudheer I think I understand. You cannot nest rows inside rows in a hierarchy like you are visualizing. Not in the table panel, as far as I know. I think the closest thing to this functionality are expanding and collapsing panel rows.

This might make a great enhancement request in the repo!


How to expand or collapse the panel rows. Can you please explain in detail

Here is a good tutorial on dynamic and repeating rows:

It’s not possible, I’m asking for this the last 2 years.
It would even be the reason to buy the enterprise solution for me.

did you make a feature request?

How? and where?
I was expecting this would be the request actually.

I’d check here to make sure this doesn’t exist already, and then start a “discussion” if it doesn’t. Those with lots of upvotes are more likely to get traction.