Hide some queries without entering in graph configuration

Hi there

I didn’t found how to quickly hide some queries without entering in graph configuration.

It should be useful to have same behavior that query editor’s eye to show / hide a query, directly on top of dashboard or panel , especiallay for viewers, which can’t enter into query editor.

It is not the same thing thak click on metric, because a panel can have " queries with 10 resultst for each (for example with group by), and it should be useful to hide 1 query (and 10 results) easily.

Is this possible to do something like this ?



You mean that if you have multiple queries that returns multiple series by it’s own you would like to be able to hide a query? It’s not possible at the moment. As a workaround I would suggest to create multiple panels with a query in each panel.

But you can submit a feature request issue for it over at our Github repo and/or submit a pull request for it.


Hi marcus,

Yes I mean smething like that, availibility to hide query A, or B, or C.

I’ll do a request issue, thanks