Help showing data in the past

Im a newb with Grafana and wanted to run something by you guys and see if its possible. Im using Microsoft SQL as my data source. Im able to pull and graph date without an problem. Now im trying to see if its possible to show data from last week at the same date and time on top of data from the current time.
Basically I want to see data from a date selection and on the same panel see data from the same time from 1 week ago.

Im using Grafana 5.1 with Microsoft SQL as a data source.


Maybe possible with some custom sql, but in general currently I would suggest using two panels and timeshift one of them.

Maybe a custom macro function would be handy for this use case. Will think about that and possibly create a feature request issue.


Thanks Marcus. I was able to do what I wanted by tweaking the sql query and modifying the time.