Help in configrin Larona Epict Panel

I’m a newby to Grafana so sorry for searching for your help for trivial/basic problems. I’m runnig Grafana v 5.4.3 with installed the Epict Panel plugin. I’ve got a Postgresql DB storing some textual data that I want to represent on an image via the Epict Plugin. The PostgreSQL query is really simple (SELECT column_name FROM table_name WHERE colum_value = ‘something’) and I selected the output format as “Table Format”. The query runs correctly as I can see from the “Query Inspector” of the panel itself. After that I set - as suggestet in the Epict Panel info tab on plugin site - this metric series (“A-Series”) in the “Options” tab. I’ve also set “prefix” and “sufix” in the Options tab in order to see if the pugin worked as expected (and it worked) . CAn someone help me to understand why the result of the select query is not showned on the image? Thanks a lot in advanced


in your Metric, you selected “posizionamento”, so this should be your Metric Name: Instead of “A-Series” in the “Options” tab, put “posizionamento”