Help creating Alert for a new Panel for ElasticSearch

Hi Everyone

  • I am using Grafana v8.0.0 (41f0542c1e) on Centos 7

  • I am trying to create an Alert based on Unique Count Metric

Generally, I am new to Grafana. What I am trying to achieve is to keep track of Custom Elastic Database by using ElasticSearch Plugin for specific Tables and then Create an alert event.

I have configured the ElasticSearch Datasource properly with a Success connection. Now my problem is with the new Panel. We have a Table with an instance named eg: var1

Var1 takes two Booleans either true or false. So I have the below

That way I can monitor the false activities generated from my APP within Elastic. But, I can’t create an event alert based on a threshold. Eg I want to create an alert event on case that if I received more than 20 false within minute to send an alert. Somehow I need to count them and then trigger the alert, but how ?

Thank you guys