Heatmap w/ time-series buckets, rendering problem?

I have a heatmap of pre-bucketed time series data:

The buckets are separate graphite queries of some temperatures, the X axis is time as usual, cell color represents the numerical value at time X. This looked nice in grafana 6, I’d have all the query aliases (hostnames) along the left side, each with a track showing temperature over time.

With the change to grafana 7 it now skips every other bucket name along the left axis. Is there some way I can force it to show all of them, or is this a bug, or perhaps I’m brutally misusing the heatmap visualization? The names are still there in mouseover.

(i’ve blacked out part of the “*_pri” hostnames, the black spots in the tracks are legitimately missing data)

Same issue here. Every other label is missing, making the heatmap a bit useless (I need to mouse hover to know the series I’m looking at):

Only when I enlarge the panel vertically, at some point all labels are rendered:

Is there a way to always force the rendering of all labels (independent of vertical panel size)?

There’s already a github issue here: https://github.com/grafana/grafana/issues/26317