Heatmap view's 'fit to data' doesn't zoom in

I am using a heatmap to plot all traffic that appeared on one intersection. I usually set map view -> initial view -> coordinates to the coordinates of the intersection.
I changed my setup a bit, there are multiple intersections all in one city, so now my dashboard is using repeating variables to create a panel for each one. The absolute coordinates system doesn’t work anymore, and I want to switch to fit-to-data.

Fit-to-data does not zoom in to the intersection. Instead, it shows a single red blob in North America using the whole world as a map. I have to zoom in manually to see the details on the intersection. Please help me figure this out.

I have tried:

  • map view -> initial view ->fit-to-data ->data using a specific layer, and last value. Both did not work

  • going back to coordinates, and just trying to use variables instead of actual coordinates. Does not let me input the variable names, seems like coordinates need to be numbers.

  • funnily enough, when layer type is markers instead of heatmap, it zooms in to the intersection. So I don’t think it is a problem with my dataset.