Heatmap From Pre-Bucketed Prometheus Data

I can’t generate a useful heatmap from my pre-bucketed, cumulative prometheus data. I’ve created a Heatmap panel, entered the query, and followed the instructions on the grafana docs page at http://docs.grafana.org/features/panels/heatmap/ . But I can’t get a useful heatmap. With the “Data Format” set to “Time Series”, I get a heatmap, but it appears that Grafana is trying to bucket my pre-bucketed data. The resulting heatmap looks interesting at first glance but it not useful as it is not preserving the buckets I care about. The docs say that pre-bucketed data should use the “Time Series Buckets” data format, but when I do that, the heatmap disappears entirely.

Perhaps I’m using a different version that that referred to by the docs: the “Bucket bound” option doesn’t appear in the U.I. for me. How do I determine the version? Is there a plugin I should be using? Please help.

Query is:

sum(rate(call_duration_seconds_bucket[60m])) by (le)

It seems grafana v5+ support Prometheus histograms.