Having issue while quering aws endpoint URL

I am receiving below response while querying AWS prometheus managed service, I am trying to collect metric from ADOT collector and everything is working but from grafana, I am receving below error to visualize data. Please help

Error reading Prometheus: client_error: client error: 404

404 means “not found”, so you have wrong configuration. You didn’t post your configuration, so there is a problem to help you.

But when you check doc Prometheus | Grafana Labs which points to Set up Grafana open source or Grafana Enterprise for use with Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus - Amazon Managed Service for Prometheus you will find example how to configure datasource:

  1. In the HTTP URL that you just specified, remove the /api/v1/query string that is appended to the URL, because the Prometheus data source will automatically append it.

    The correct URL should look similar to https://aps-workspaces.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/workspaces/ws-1234a5b6-78cd-901e-2fgh-3i45j6k178l9

Documentation is your good friend.

BTW there is also ready dashboard for current ADOT/OTEL/OTLP - AWS OpenTelemetry Collector dashboard for Grafana | Grafana Labs