Have time-series thumbnail image as the data presented in one cell of a table

I don’t think this response was sufficiently targeted to the request. I have a different use case for the same feature, i.e. to have a time-series thumbnail image as the data presented in one cell of a table. See this image for an example:

I’m using open source grafana-9.4.3-r1, my data source is VictoriaMetrics (Prometheus/PromQL) and I have set up tables joining multiple data sources and played with the different options… but nothing like a little thumbnail timeseries graph for a cell. I could probably create a monstronsity of saved images with a specific naming convention and then use a generic image link plugin, but it seems to be a common scenario that would benefit from having a native plugin to support it (and rely on browser-side rendering of thumbnails rather than centralizing in an image rendering server).


I am also interested in this type of visualization. The closest I found are these small time series graphs Small multiples in Grafana | Nelson's log but I would like to have them in a table cell, just like Grafana can do with gauges, for example

This sounds like a cool thing to try out. I wonder if apache echart grafana plugin can come into play to make this happen?

@mikhailvolkov is there a table feature with rows and columns in apache echarts? The rest shoud be straight forward.

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Apache ECharts does not have a table functionality. Of course, you can add custom functionality.

We are thinking of creating a new table plugin based on the new Experimental InteractiveTable component (Webpack App), which will work great for this use case.

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