`har-to-k6` vs. `k6 convert`: Which to use?

I’ve got some confusion about which har converter to use.

This page says to use the command k6 convert

This page says to use the npm package har-to-k6

Which should I use?

Hi, welcome to the forum, and apologies for this confusion.

In general it’s best to consult the documentation over blog posts, which in this case wasn’t updated to mention the har-to-k6 tool. I’ll make a note to address this.

The built-in k6 convert command is planned to be deprecated in favor of the standalone har-to-k6 tool, but it hasn’t happened yet because some features aren’t supported yet in the standalone tool. So I would advise you to use har-to-k6 first and only try k6 convert if you have problems, but in general any new issues regarding this should be reported in the har-to-k6 issue tracker.

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