Postman-to-k6 next steps?


I’m a happy user and contributor to the npm package postman-to-k6.

There are a number of PR’s open on the repo and I wonder what we can expect that will happen with the postman-to-k6 package, now that Grafana has taken over K6?

It feels a bit ghosted right now, which is understandable given the merger with Grafana and more important development of K6 itself.


Hi @thim81 , welcome to the community forum.

At the moment the maintainer of postman-to-k6 and other converter repos isn’t available and in general quite busy in part because of the grafana acquisition. As such the project is a bit neglected at the moment but AFAIK we do have the full intention to continue working on all converters and likely will actually work more on them in the future, just probably not exactly now, sorry :frowning: .

I would’ve reviewed your PRs but I have more or less no experience using the postman and consequently the converter, so I am going to leave it to Simme ;).

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for all your contributions, hopefully, all of them will be merged soon!

Hi @mstoykov

Thanks for the reply and no need to say to sorry :slight_smile: , it confirmed my assumptions of the workload of the Grafana acquisition.

Giving the unsure timings, I’ll most likely fork it and publish it under a temporary namespace on NPM to start using the contributions.
And then when Simme or any of the team members have time, they can still review the PR’s and release the changes under the official NPM package.