Guide me about a graph with line and column which x-axes not be time

I need a panel that supports a combination of the line & stacked column in one chart and the x-axes not be time. I couldn’t draw my wanted graph with the current panels of Grafana, could you please guide me?
I attached a sample of my table and my wanted graph.

I have same problem,I try this panel in case of time-series(when the x-axes is based on time) and all is fine and can hande lin&column in one panel. but when my query result doesn’t contain the time I have the same problem!


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Hi you could use the plotly panel it enables you to build graphs that are not time series related.
For more info on how to use it check the templates since the panel latest version has not been published or approved to the grafana plugins
Hope you can work with it.

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thanks, but as i checked your mentiond panel (plotly) it is not exactly my answer.