Grouping Panels?

Is it possible to group panels together or create a container for panels, similar to rows but something that is adjustable in size both by width and height.

Trying to keep panels together but also create a dashboard layout which utilizes as much space as possible and maintains panels being together through resizing and mobile view.


That’s currently not supported.


Hey @mefraimsson,

Is this on the roadmap? Would be pretty useful :stuck_out_tongue:

One approach to this, that I think would be both particularly interesting as well as maybe (relatively) simple, would be to create a panel that simply displays another dashboard. That might also be pretty cool for displaying many things on a humongous monitoring display. You could even get every dashboard-panel to run it’s own playlist of other dashboards…



@vegivamp Those are some great ideas :clap: I’d personally love a solution for any/all of them.

  • Grouping adjacent panels together so they can be repositioned within their dashboard would be very helpful for dashboard design and layout; it would also provide a more accessible UX in that it would make it easier to move multiple panels around on a dashboard.
  • “Dashboards of dashboards” would be a great for building a “home” dashboard with at-a-glance information for important dashboards. And I like the idea of using them for playlists.

@mefraimsson Are any of these ideas on the roadmap already?


Hi @gtmx74,

As this is a bit old post. But I think that as this seems like a feature request and the best way is to report it at our GitHub discussions so that the developers can tell you more details as what they can do for this request.