Grouping Panels?

Is it possible to group panels together or create a container for panels, similar to rows but something that is adjustable in size both by width and height.

Trying to keep panels together but also create a dashboard layout which utilizes as much space as possible and maintains panels being together through resizing and mobile view.


That’s currently not supported.


Hey @mefraimsson,

Is this on the roadmap? Would be pretty useful :stuck_out_tongue:

One approach to this, that I think would be both particularly interesting as well as maybe (relatively) simple, would be to create a panel that simply displays another dashboard. That might also be pretty cool for displaying many things on a humongous monitoring display. You could even get every dashboard-panel to run it’s own playlist of other dashboards…



@vegivamp Those are some great ideas :clap: I’d personally love a solution for any/all of them.

  • Grouping adjacent panels together so they can be repositioned within their dashboard would be very helpful for dashboard design and layout; it would also provide a more accessible UX in that it would make it easier to move multiple panels around on a dashboard.
  • “Dashboards of dashboards” would be a great for building a “home” dashboard with at-a-glance information for important dashboards. And I like the idea of using them for playlists.

@mefraimsson Are any of these ideas on the roadmap already?