Graphs visible from local network only

Hi Everyone.

I’m having a strange problem, and I’m not sure if it’s Grafana itself, but I’ll give it a try and ask. I’ve installed Grafana 5.14 with InfluxDB as the data source and Chronograf (all on Ubuntu 18.04). In local network everything works just perfectly, but when I try to access Grafana dashboard from the open internet, it works OK, except graphs are not loading (spinner in the top right corner). Graphs from the same source can be accessed with Chronograf dashboard without any issues. That’s why I’m excluding network config and InfluxDB from my suspicions (or is it premature?).

Any ideas?

P.S. I’m quite new with Linux/Influx/Grafana, so please - understand me even if my question is trivial.

Best Regards

Make sure access (in datasource settings page) is set to server

That was it! Thanks a million!

hello I have the same problem. From outside the graphs do not load this I have the message network error: undefined.
I have defined the data source on server.

Exactly what are you entering in the browser url?