Graph don't load from extern

Hi community,

I don’t find an answers on the forum or the internet, perhaps you can help me.

There is my problem. When I’m on my local domain, everything work perfectly but, when i’m on an external network, I can access my Grafana, I can open dashboard but graph don’t load. Did I miss an option to configure this correctly ?

Thank you.


Are you using Direct or Proxy mode for your data source? If you are using Direct mode your browser will need to be able to reach the data source directly. In general we recommend using Proxy mode, where the data source requests will be proxied through the Grafana server, which is more secure (because it does not expose data source credentials to the browser) and will work even when the browser cannot reach the data source directly.

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Thanks for this explanation dcech !

Like you said, I was on direct mode. I made the modification on one of my datasource and it works immediately.

Thanks for your efficiency !

Have a good day

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