Graphs are invalid when looking at longer time periods, even though zooming in on the same periods has valid data

Hey there,

We are using Grafana and graphite. I understand that we purposefully lose resolution as the data ages, but what I am struggling with is display of recent graphs. In this particular example, we have systems that are hitting 10k iops pretty regularly. When I look at <= 24hrs it is really evident. However, if I look at 2 days, or longer they never touch 10k

I don’t believe this is a resolution issue (unless I misunderstand completely how it is handled) because if I zoom into any of those older time periods, the valid data is there. It’s just like it’s averaging out poorly or something when looking at the longer time period. This makes it difficult to spot trends when not zoomed into under a day.

Anyone have suggestions on what I could be doing wrong, or point me at docs on explaining it? Is there any way I can get around this?

Here’s 24hr and 2day graphs, with me only changing the time range and nothing else.