Graphing events data

I want to use Grafana to graph past events from from an Ethereum app.
the events metrics don’t come from a specific server, but pulled from the “ethereum network”, as a sequence of json items.
each event has fields such as “timestamp”, “fromAddress”, “toAddress”, “operation”
I want to be able to create trend graphs such as

  • total transaction per (say) day
  • unique “fromAddress” per day
  • for each “operation”, count of operations per day

I understand I need to pull these past events, maybe format them, and then feed them into some storage, and run Grafana on top of it.

What kind of storage should use?
Do I need a custom “datasource”, or is there a standard one I can use
Can this work with the “grafana cloud”, or should I install my own instance?

welcome to the :grafana: forum, @drortirosh

if you are handling JSON, then I would start with the JSON API datasource plugin.

This only ingests JSON, however. It won’t hold values in state in perpetuity like a proper DB…