Graph the ammount that a counter is incrasing per interval

Hi All,

I’m having issues accomplishing a graph to give me the information about how much a counter increases per interval(5m).

My setup is Grafana with influxDB as the source. I have a timeseries value that is posteted whenever there is a change like +0.01. The resulting entries would be 6.00, 6.01, 6.02 … 6.09, 6.10 … and so on.
let’s say the first three values came in in the last 5 min and I’d like to see as a graph how much that change was, like 0.03.

I did search through the forum and maybe I#m just not using the right search term to find the correct answer. If you could give a hint on where to start that would be super helpfull.

Thank you, Sven