Using $__rate_interval breaks increment() results

I used increase() function with $__rate_interval. This query result is different from what I expected, so I leave a question.


sum by(adn_id) (increase(adnsvc_adn_get_ad_method_fill_count{cluster="xxx"}[$__rate_interval]))

query inspector info:

Expr: sum by(adn_id) (increase(adnsvc_adn_get_ad_method_fill_count{cluster="xxx"}[1m0s]))
Step: 15s

As you can see in the image above, the graph is broken.

I solved this problem by setting the min step to 1m and changing the range to 1m15s.

query inspector info:

Expr: sum by(adn_id) (increase(adnsvc_adn_get_ad_method_fill_count{cluster="xxx"}[1m15s]))
Step: 1m0s

I want to know why it became a problem when the range was 1m. What documentation should I look for?
Does anyone know why this happened?

Grafana Version: v9.1.5

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